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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Coconut oil is known to be an excellent supplement to improve a pup’s skin and coat, and many dogs go crazy over the taste. Not to mention, it can also freshen up the room if you don’t care for the smell of dog food. Just a teaspoon per day is enough for smaller breeds, while larger breeds may require up to 2 or more. Many dogs will eat it by itself, but it is best when mixed in food or water to allow for easier absorption into the body. As an added bonus, coconut oil can be used by people as a nutritional supplement for skin and hair health, lowering cholesterol, relieving stress, regulating blood sugar, promoting weight loss, and relieving kidney problems in some people.
                If coconut oil isn’t readily available in your area, or if you would simply prefer not to have to mix the oil into your pup’s food, coconut chips or pure shaved coconut are great alternatives. Shaved coconut can be given as a treat by itself or sprinkled over food to give an extra layer of flavor for your pooch. Be very careful to get only pure coconut, not the shredded/shaved coconut used in baking, because pure coconut doesn’t contain any of the extra sugar or other additives that make the baking-style coconut taste so delicious to people. Those extra additives and sugar can cause a lot of harm to, or even kill, your pooch.
                Used properly, coconut oil can be an excellent addition to both yours and your pet’s diets (especially if you don't care to use fish oil or someone in the house has an allergy to it.). As with any supplement, it is just that, a supplement. It is not a replacement for any other part of yours or your pet’s diet.

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