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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trimming Claws

     Whether you're a do-it-yourself-er or just wanted to see if you could trim your dog's nails, we've all been met with some resistance in this area.

     Josie and i prefer to trim Marou's nails, as nobody else can seem to get him to calm down whatsoever once we leave to room, and we don't want him to hurt anyone. We have a few tips that should help any dog owner with their anxious/rebellious pooch not to mention a few recommendations for products to help a little bit with some common problems in puppy and dog nail clipping.

     We actually use an infant nail clipper to trim his nails and an emery board to file his nails to a gentle, rounded tip. Because Marou's nails are clear, we can see exactly how far we can clip his nails without causing him any pain or bleeding. It's always a good idea to keep some styptic powder on hand just in case if you plan on clipping your pup's nails.

     Our trick to getting Marou to cooperate with us when we trim his nails is to have a small bag of kibble handy. We feed him a piece or two at a time just to keep him distracted, and he doesn't struggle or resist  us at all.

You're not getting that thing near me!

     You can also try to pet or maybe even play with your pet (don't move around too much) to keep him/her distracted as well.

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