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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

     We've had Marou on an Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement for approximately a month now, and it has improved his skin and coat health dramatically. It has alleviated his sensitive skin greatly. He also likes to play will the caplets like little toys.

     We find it easier to get him to eat them if we poke a hole in them with a needle or snip a small piece off with a pair of scissors to allow the oil to seep out. He will squeeze the oil out by himself if we open up a hole for it.

     Now that he has learned that the delicious oil comes from inside the caplet, he is a lot more willing to eat it and thoroughly enjoys it.

     Since starting him on the supplement, we have noticed that his coat is shinier and softer, and his overall health has improved every so slightly. The only downside to the fish oil is that it does expire, and it can expire before you realize it. No one wants to taste expired fish oil, after all.

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