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Saturday, June 23, 2012

California Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Marou has a very sensitive stomach and a yeast allergy, so we tried a variety of different food brands before finding one that he could actually eat without complication. Recommended by our local pet boutique owner, California Natural Grain Free Kangaroo & Red Lentils is specifically designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs. At only 21.0% protein, it's perfect for dogs who can't handle the large amounts of protein found in finer foods such as Acana and Orijen but who still need a little bit more protein than some big name brands can offer.
The Kangaroo and Red Lentils formula was our first venture with this food. Marou loved the food and had no complications whatsoever. He does get bored of the flavor easily, so we've decided to try the other flavors in hopes of keeping him interested in the food.

The Venison Meal formula has succeeded in keeping him interested, and he loves it just as much as the Kangaroo and Red Lentils. With a different amino acid profile, transitioning to this food helps keep Marou's sensitive stomach from rejecting his food.

We plan to try other varieties of California Natural to ease his stomach and keep his diet regulated. For anyone who has a pup with food allergies or a sensitive stomach, I can Wholeheartedly recommend the grain free California Natural Line.

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