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Friday, June 29, 2012

Training Diaries - Verbal Commands

Verbal commands can be some of the simplest training you will ever have with your Shiba. Verbal commands must be strictly enforced to have any success.
First, give the command followed by an example or some assistance if it is a more complicated command. Make sure to reward the pup for the successful completion of the command, and do this every time. This is imperative for successful memory.
Marou, like many Shibas, didn't need much assistance or too many examples due to his intelligence. He has picked up the majority of our commands fairly quickly, though he does still like to ignore us from time to time if it will interrupt his fun.
Next, when you think your pup has learned to do the technique alone, withdraw any assistance and stop giving any examples. Upon successful completion, reward your pup well, and always be sure to do this to emphasize the priority of these commands.
In Marou's case, this was the harder step due to his whimsical nature and reluctance to pay attention for more than a few minutes. 
It may take a little while for your pup to catch on, but after the first couple of commands, it seems to become easier for them to learn new commands. The earlier you start, the quicker and easier this will be and the more receptive you will usually find your pup.
Marou laying on his back waiting for a belly rub

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