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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Great Pillow Caper

One of Marou's newer habits (which we have somewhat expected) has been to steal any pillow that he can get his paws on. If Josie or I leave our spot, it's his. If we leave our pillow, it's his forever. 
We have affectionately nicknamed him our little pillow thief. We even had to give him a little pillow of his own just to be able to keep ours.

Marou Thoroughly Enjoying His New Pillow

He loves his new pillow and plays with it daily. He still occasionally steals our decorative pillows from the couch because they're the same color as his, but even then we can't be mad at him because it's just so cute to watch.

Along with stealing pillows, he has developed a habit of hiding our socks and shoes in awkward places. I found one of Josie's walking shoes under the couch and the other in his bed.
I've found my socks anywhere you can imagine, and hair brushes beware!

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