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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Picky Eater

I'm sure we've all dealt with or seen them at some point, but picky eaters can be an unnerving ordeal to overcome. There are many tricks out there to do exactly that: trick your pup into eating, but if you're like me and the large community of pet owners who treat their pets like their children then you want to do more than trick them. You want to make sure they actually enjoy what they're eating.

The simplest (sometimes not quite so) method is to change foods until you find one that they like. This can cause many unforseen complications though, so many owners choose to add in supplements or oils to mask the food's flavor. Josie and I will mix certain dog-healthy foods like plain greek yogurt or plain mashed sweet potato with his kibble to entice him to eat it.
There are different ways to get each pup to eat what they may not like or want but is good for them, and you may just need to get creative. Always check to see if foods are bad for your dog before trying any of them, though.

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