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Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Made Toys

Josie recently got creative and decided to make Marou some home made toys, so $10 and 20 square yards of fabric later she had made Marou a plethora of toys that have lasted him quite a while.
One of his favorites is actually modeled after a cat toy that he stole from a friend's kitten during a play session.

Cat Toy Recreation

Stuffed Bone Shaped Felt Toy
Another toy idea that she had was made from an old white t-shirt. She cut it into strips and tied them in knots to make a neat little tug toy that Marou can't get enough of.
An alteration of that is to put a soda bottle inside of an older, high thread count pillow case and tie it closed with a firm knot. As with all other toys, be sure to watch your pet when he/she plays with this as it contains plastic that can possibly choke them.

With a little sewing skill, some fabric, and an idea or two you can make your pup some unique toys that they'll love for a long time.
Just let your creativity run wild.

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